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Simply spray a few spritzes into the toilet bowl before using it.Not only is the original brand very cleverly named, the product itself is remarkable.All you do is spray 3 or 4 times into the toilet bowl before you go.I heard about this product yearsssss ago and almost split a rib laughing at it.

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This Unicorn Gold spritz-before-you-squat spray actually uses real gold.I just had to do some research on how to make my own version of this glorious odor killing stuff.

About 19% of these are bidets, 8% are bathroom faucet accessories, and 7% are air fresheners.

The paper underneath the poop will help the flushing water slide it into the lowest part of the bowl and out of the toilet.I showed him the sprayers online and he decided that was a good enough answer.

Hello Green Beauty: DIY: Make your Own Poo-Poo Toilet Spray

Instead of waiting until the deed is done, V.I.Poo is the easy solution to smelly bathroom visits.My friend Halle Cottis of the blog Whole Lifestyle Nutrition came up with this easy tutorial in her new book Natural Solutions for Cleaning and Wellness.

Spritz the DIY Poo Pourri about 10 times on top of the toilet bowl water for full coverage.

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The current state of the art for Western-style toilets in Japan is the bidet toilet, which, as of March 2016, is installed in 81% of Japanese households. In.

V.I.Poo toilet odor neutralizer is as easy-to-use as a bathroom spray, but far more effective in preventing embarrassing toilet bowl odors.The Poo-Pourri spray comes in a few different sizes, this one is a 2oz bottle that is good for around 100 sprays.

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To use, place 5-10 mists of spray on top of the water inside the toilet bowl to form a film before using the restroom.

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When you spray this in the toilet, then do your business, the essential oils trap the odors in the bowl.

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Maybe I should do some science and fill one with water to see how many sprays it contains while I wait for poopourri to ship.Shake the bottle well before use. 2. Spray 5 times inside the toilet bowl water surface before you actually poop. 3. Unload your turd confidently. 4. Flush the toilet as usual.

You can also spray a few mists into the toilet bowl after each use as well.If a teflon spray coating is available I will try that as long as the product is itself cleanable and removable.PooPourri essentially traps the poopy stench beneath the surface of the toilet bowl water and releases only fancy-schmancy smells into the air.

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Think of of like a force field and your poop is the Death Star.

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Now that we are pros at cloth diapering I am going to outline some of the best ways to deal with the presents your precious baby leaves you.Just spritz the water 3-4 times before you go and no one will need to know.In a moment of perfect poop synchronicity, our favorite toilet stool has also entered into the freshness market.DIY recipe for homemade Poo-Pourri, natural toilet freshener spray.

Poo-Pourri is a bathroom spray that you actually spray into the toilet before you poop so that when your dumpings splash into the water, instead of the smell of death filling the room, it splashes up the Poo-Pourri spray and the room fills with smells of flowers, babies, fresh casserole, and not the smell of your freshly laid feces.

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